Aquapac Trail Proof Rugged Dry Bag With Strap 25 Litres


Product information

Key Features

  • This is our range of TrailProof⢠heavyweight vinyl waterproof drybags..
  • These are tough and simple ditty bags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go. Brilliant for watersports, paddling, sailing and expedition use.
  • A much simpler design than our Lightweight range, theyâre designed to be a simple and affordable option for outdoor sports.
  • Theyâre made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks you experience on the trail.
  • Itâs really simple to seal them â just roll the top down 3 times.
  • The bright colour means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone elseâs, and it stops the bag from getting quite so hot in the sun.