Paramo Expedition Towel


Product information

Cotton towels are not practical for many travel and expedition activities as they are heavy when wet and slow to dry out.

Many travel towels on offer are unable to offer a cosy, drying ‘experience’ – they end up hard and board-like, and can become smelly and unpleasant to use.

Using unique Parameta S fabric, the Páramo expedition towel is very effective at absorbing water from the skin, moving it away from you and letting it evaporate quickly and dry out speedily. However, the towel itself is soft and luxurious to use and to wrap around yourself.

  • Lightweight – less than half the weight of an equivalent cotton towel
  • Rapid drying – dries twice as fast as an equivalent cotton towel
  • High water absorption
  • Low bulk and small pack size ideal for travelling (pack size 13cm long x 7cm diameter)
  • Mesh sack allows rapid drying ‘on the move’
  • Hanging loop for drying
  • Available in two sizes - Compact Towel 100cm x 70cm, Large Towel 140cm x 80cm.

Brand: Paramo


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