Paramo Mens Cambia Dual Baselayer T Shirt


Product information

The Cambia T shirt is ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities, especially high energy activities or in warmer conditions.

When active outdoors, you need to manage your sweat to stay dry and comfortable, even when you stop moving. In hot conditions or working hard, you need maximum cooling; in cooler conditions you need less. Sun protection is beneficial too.

Parameta T+ fabric provides UV protection (SPF 25+ equivalent) and wicks moisture laterally to reduce pooling and enhance evaporation and cooling when needed. The fabric also moves moisture from one face to the other, which, when directed away from your body, offers greater insulation.

  1. Reversibility means you get two T shirts for the weight and price of one.
    • The smooth fabric face worn next to the skin reduces pooling of perspiration to eliminate cold spots after exercise. Where the two faces of the fabric are different shades, this is the lighter coloured face.
    • The textured, honeycomb or darker face of the fabric provides âdryâ comfort in cooler conditions.
  2. Increased comfort through flat seams to avoid chafing whichever way out the baselayer is worn.
  3. Generously cut short sleeves for efficient cooling.
  4. Simple round neck is comfortable under other layers.
  5. Soft, stretchy fabric allows complete freedom of movement.
  6. Exceptionally lightweight and rapid drying, ideal for travel and expedition use.

Brand: Paramo
Product Code: 3159


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