Paramo Unisex Taiga Fleece


Product information

The Taiga Fleece is for walkers, nature-watchers, outdoor workers and travellers.

If you are outdoors across the seasons, there are many times that you don’t need a full Analogy waterproof, but would prefer a comfortable fleece that offers practical pocketing, still with good protection from the weather and superior moisture control.

The Taiga’s relaxed styling and generous pockets combine with unique directional Nikwax Analogy Fleece fabric to give protection against showers and wind, and perspiration removal even in humid conditions.


The Taiga has a classic design built for easy movement, pockets designed for practicality and is soft and quiet to wear but incredibly durable

  • Freedom of movement and comfort provided by the generous fit and the excellent articulation in the shoulders and sleeves
  • Outdoor and travel essentials such as camera, compass or travel documents are easily transported with four generous and accessible pockets
  • Exceptional comfort for all day wear from the soft, quiet fabric with high adjustable collar.

Nikwax Analogy® Fleece, like mammal fur, repels water and actively pushes both liquid water and water vapour away from the body

Nikwax Analogy Fleece Fabric Fleeces keep you warm by trapping still air between their fibres. Soak a conventional fleece in water and it loses up to 95% of its insulation. Nikwax Analogy® Fleece offers superior comfort, especially in humid conditions.


Brand: Paramo
Product Code: 2834


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