Paramo Womens Cambia Zip Neck Top


Product information

The Cambia uses reversible Parameta T+ fabric so you can choose the level of cooling to suit your activities and the conditions. Worn with the smooth fabric face against your skin, moisture is held close to your skin and spread laterally for fast evaporation and cooling. Worn with the honeycomb textured face inwards, it directs moisture away from you, maintaining an insulating dry ‘gap’.

The zip neck allows quick venting to the skin for instant cooling, while the long sleeves can provide cover or be easily pushed up for cooling.

From the Cambia Zip Neck, you can expect excellent wicking and a high comfort level.

  1. Reversible – providing two baselayers for the weight and price of one!
    • The smooth face of the fabric reduces pooling of perspiration to eliminate cold spots after exercise.
    • The honeycomb face of the fabric provides ‘dry’ comfort in cooler conditions.
  2. Optimum ventilation from deep chest zip with chin guard at top.
  3. Complete freedom of movement with comfort from soft, stretchy fabric.
  4. Exceptionally lightweight and rapid drying, ideal for travel and expedition use.
  5. High collar for maximum protection against the elements and additional comfort.
Brand: Paramo


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